Whether its new finance you are seeking or existing finance requiring a restructure, we can provide invaluable expert assistance in achieving your goals. Principal Patrick Donnellan has extensive experience working in AIB plc with inside knowledge of how the Bank’s work, their policies, what they look for and how to deal with your debt issues with minimal stress.

Obtaining Bank finance can be difficult but with the right approach, supporting information and proposal it can be achieved. Let us assist you in putting together a Bank proposal that can succeed.

If your concern is existing debt, don’t let these worries keep you up at night. We can provide the support you need that will take some of the burden off your shoulders, help you to negotiate an arrangement with your Bank and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Areas we can help:

  • Assist your business in succeeding to win new Bank funding allowing your business to grow and deliver on its potential. Creation of business plans, compilation of supporting financial information required by the Banks and writing of Bank proposals that are within Bank policy and therefore likely to succeed in receiving a sanction.

  • Assisting clients to restructure existing Bank debt to a manageable level

  • Creation of strategies for dealing with unmanageable Bank debt allowing you to move forward from your debt issues in a manner agreeable by the Banks.

  • Advising clients on all correspondence and communications from the Banks which can cause unnecessary but understandable stress.

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